1.04-10.09 // EXHIBITION // I Am Not a Dog Anymore

They are not naïve. They are not non-professionals. They are an alternative to mainstream culture. “I Am Not a Dog Anymore” is an exhibition of the work of uncompromising outsiders, of cult figures and unknowns, with academic credentials and without, lone wolves and underground scenesters. Although not all of them operate on the outside by choice, all of them choose to create against. Independence, a radical posture of confrontation with political and aesthetic systems, transgression of social taboos, creation in a DIY spirit, and a certain nonchalance are the qualities which bind the ethos of alternative culture with contemporary outsider art.    

The latter was the subject of the exhibition “Why We Have Wars” at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in spring 2016. Its continuation at the Silesian Museum is the non-hierarchical story of an unknown alternative which does not take as it starting point mainstream art. 

Artists: Ewa Bloom-Kwiatkowska, Anna „Mirosawa” Bachanek, Robert Brylewski, Damian Czeladka, Włodzimierz Czerw, Anna Dąbrowska-Lyons, Stanisław Garbarczuk, Marian Henel, Ryszard Kisiel, Anna Laskowska, Mikołaj Ławniczak, Tomasz Machciński, Kazimierz Malinowski, Justyna Matysiak, Maciej Olszewski, Radosław Perlak, Pisarka M. H., Erwin Sówka, Daniel Stachowski, Karol Suka, Ryszard Szozda, Marcelo Zammenhoff.

Exhibition curators: Zofia Czartoryska, Katarzyna Karwańska
Scientific coordinator: Sonia Wilk
Scenography: Zbigniew Libera

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