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Religious art

Our collection features just a few examples of Silesian medieval panel painting and altar wood sculpting. Among them are the 16th and 17th century religious figures and wings of Gothic altarpieces from the 15th century. The oldest piece is a fragment of the St. Nicolas of Zarzecze triptych (1440). Around 40 exhibits coming from the pre-war collection, acquired by the Silesian Museum re-established in 1984, are waiting to be exhibited in the new museum building.

Icon painting

Icon painting is represented by 150 religious worship artefacts – traditional icons, crucifixes and little travel altars from 18th-20th centuries. The icons here displayed have been made by representatives of various artistic schools and depict individual images of saints or narrative compositions with several figures, many of them still wearing original metal dresses.
The icons were acquired by the museum in 1999 (by courtesy of the Customs Offices in Cieszyn and Katowice) and since then, the collection has been expanding.


 Christ Pantocrator 18th -19th century, Russia


A plaque, Triptych representing Deesis, 19th century, Russia

Nickolas the Wonderworker, first half of 19th century, Russia