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Around 500 artefacts include: Polish 18th - 20th century ceramics from the Silesian workshops (Wałbrzych, Tułowice, Glinica, Giesche, the Franciszek Mill) and other leading Polish factories (Nieborów, Korzec, Baranówka, Ćmielów, Chodzież); old Polish glassware (Urzecz and Naliboki). The majority of pieces come from the pre-war collection, although there have been more recent additions such as the 19th  glassware made in Silesia and the Czech Republic, one of the most prominent glass manufacturing centres in Europe. From the pre-war stock come also unique fabrics, including 18th century robe-belts, tapestry, wall hangings as well as 16th -20th century furniture and clocks.

Also included is highly original Polish and Czech glassware and artistic fabrics representing contemporary craft.

A woman’s figurine in art deco style, manufactured by Giesche, 1929-1939

A vase, manufactured by Nieborów, 1880-1886

Henryk Albin Tomaszewski, Dynamic composition, late 1980s’, heat-proof glass