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The scope of interest of the organizers of Festiwal Nowej Scenografii (New Scenography Festival) comprises, on the one hand, work and artistic activity of students of higher artistic education institutions, on the other the phenomenon of the theatralization of everyday life, coming with the use of means and practices of scenography in (among others) design. Consequently, FNS is not only a presentation of the output of experienced artists, but also an opportunity to engage in the discussion of  the role of modern scenography and its place in visual arts and everyday life. We have invited artists active in the field of theatre, film, advertising, TV productions, and open air performances, as well as academic teachers and people involved in cultural life, to participate in the conferences, workshops and discussion panels.


Festiwal Nowej Scenografii
(New Scenography Festival)

27th August – 21th October / Centrum Scenografii Polskiej (Centre for Polish Scenography)
6D Scenography. Exhibition The exhibition presents the best works by students of scenography representing six Polish art academies - in Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań, Warszawa and Wrocław. 


15-31th October / Galeria Piętro Wyżej, Centrum Kultury Katowice (Katowice Cultural Centre)
6D Scenography . Appendix. Warsaw Fine Arts Academy students' diploma works and out-of-competition works.

18th October   

  • 10.00 hrs / Centrum Kultury Katowice (Katowice Cultural Centre), room 211
    Conference and panel discussion Przestrzenie performatywne (Performative Spaces) with the participation of Sodja Lotker, Paweł Łysak, Joanna Warsza, Tomasz Kubikowski
  • 13.00 hrs / Korez Theatre
    Panel discussion Prawo, etos, technika - realia pracy scenografa (Law, Ethos, Technique - the reality of scenographer's work) with the participation of, among others, Magdalena Raczkowska, Paweł Dobrzycki, Maciej Wojciechowski, Dariusz Miłkowski, Ryszard Markow
  • 16.30 hrs / Centrum Scenografii Polskiej (Centre for Polish Scenography)
    Meeting with Jerzy Juk-Kowarski – opportunity to talk with the scenographer and with the other authors of the book „Zabawa w teatr (Let's Play Theatre") (ed. E. Dąbek-Derda, D. Buchwald, J. Juk-Kowarski) 
    Jerzy Juk-Kowarski - a painter and scenographer. He graduated from Warsaw Fine Arts Academy in 1973, from the Faculty of Interior Architecture. In the same year he made his theatre debut by designing the scenography for Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts, directed by Henryk Baranowski. In 1975 he cooperated with Jerzy Jarocki for the first time, creating the scenography for Anton Chekchov's The Cherry Orchard at Teatr Stary in Kraków. Thus a permanent cooperation betweeen Jerzy Juk-Kowarski and Jerzy Jarocki was initiated, which resulted in many performances staged in Polish and foreign theatres.      
  • 19.00 hrs / Archway at 8 Staromiejska Street  
    Costume project (author: Małgorzata Malina) a performance by Teatr Tańca Navras (Navras Dance Theatre), choreography: Artur Stelmaczonek 
  • Małgorzata Malina, the author of the concept based on costumes, presents the figures of fairy tale princesses stranded in the world dominated by vampires. The project comprises a street performance (a fashion show) which will be arranged in the staircase of the house at 10 Staromiejska Street and in the space surrounding the building. The project was inspired by haute couture shows, fantastic vampire characters and steampunk.
  • 20.00 hrs/ Cinema Kosmos - Centrum Sztuki Filmowej (Cinematographic Arts Centre) 66 Sokolska Street 
    Młyn i Krzyż (The Mill and the Cross) scenography by Marcel Sławiński and Katarzyna Sobańska - screening of the film and meeting with the authors of the scenography. The film directed by Lech Majewski was awarded with many prizes and commendations in many Polish and foreign festivals. The scenographers of this production, Marcel Sławiński and Katarzyna Sobańska received the award of Gdynia Film Festival in 2011 and Polish Film Award in 2012. Dorota Roqueplo received the same awards in the category of costume. 

       * The meetings with the film creators will be led by Anita Skwara.

19th October  

  • 9.30 hrs / The Silesian Museum, the banquet room 
    conference Scenografia w muzeum/muzeum scenografii (Scenography in the Museum/the Museum of Scenography) with the participation of Łukasz Czuj, Dariusz Kunowski, Marcin Pietuch.
  • 13.00 / Fine Arts Academy in Katowice (37 Raciborska Street)
    Scenografia reklamowa (Scenography for Advertising) - presentation of advertisements and meeting with Agnieszka Bartold, Dorota Roqueplo and Jeremi Brodnicki
  • 16.00 hrs / Centrum Scenografii Polskiej (Centre for Polish Scenography)
    Meeting with Małgorzata Szczęśniak. The meeting will be led by Ewa Toniak. 
    Małgorzata Szczęśniak is the author of the spaces for Krzysztof Warlikowski's performances and the co-author of his poetics, both in opera and theatre. Between 1972 and 1976 she studied psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology of the Jagiellonian University. In 1981 she enrolled at the Faculty of Scenography at Kraków Fine Arts Academy. She made a diploma in professor Jerzy Skarżyński's studio in 1984. After the studies she decided to work  for theatre and left for Paris with Krzysztof Warlikowski. Having returned in 1992, they together worked on Elias Canetti's Auto de fé in the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Krakow.They have been working together since that time, realizing over fifty performances (among others, Hamlet in 1999, Bacchantes in 2001, The Tempest in 2003, Krum in 2005, African Tales by Shakespeare in 2011.) In spring 2008 an exhibition of her scenography was held in Brussels: Pojawia się i znika bez śladu (Appears and Disappears without a Trace).
  • 19.00 hrs / 32 Mariacka Street
    Installation and performance Lokatorzy (The Tenants) by Krystyna Nikiel, Natalia Woźniak, a performance by Teatr Tańca Navras (Navras Dance Theatre), choreography: Artur Stelmaczonek  The centre of Katowice, 32 Mariacka Street. A desolate archway near the church, a shabby scraped off door, a thrown away armchair, graffitti, broken window panes - all that is a testimony to the stories which took place here. The authors go one year back in time and show the scenes from the time when the building was teeming with life. Its tenants - busy and preoccupied with their daily affairs - know nothing about one another. They can only hear noises the others produce and see fragments of their neighbours' lives, glimpsed through a half-open window. An important aspect to this project will be the participation of the real tenants of 32 Mariacka Street, whom the authors would like to engage to perform some of the roles.
  • 20.00 hrs / Cinema Kosmos Centrum Sztuki Filmowej (Cinematographic Arts Centre) 66 Sokolska Street 
    Screening of "Venice" and the meeting with the author of scenography , Joanna Macha Jan Jakub Kolski's "Venice" has been awarded with many national prizes, including the Golden Lions Award of Polish Feature Films Festival in Gdynia, received by Joanna Macha for the scenography in 2010.  

20th October

  • 10.00-15.00 hrs / Centrum Scenografii Polskiej (Centre for Polish Scenography) and Korez Theatre  "Masterclass" - scenography workshops led by art academy teachers participating in the „Scenografia 6D” exhibition. The class will be led by associate professor Elżbieta Wernio, Marek Chowaniec Ph.D, professor Andrzej Markowicz, Marcel Sławiński Ph.D., Katarzyna Sobańska, Ph.D., Piotr Tetlak, Ph.D.
  • 16.30 hrs / the arcades of Centrum Kultury Katowice (Katowice Cultural Centre)
    Installation "Jednorożec (Unicorn)" by Aleksandra Ignasiak. The installation refers directly to the rich symbolic of the unicorn - a mythical creature reflecting the magical powers of nature and its fertility. It also draws on the fantasy world in which the unicorn symbolizes an inexhaustible source of happiness and the fulfillment of dreams, wholeness and idyll. It also denotes the nobility of soul and perfection, thus being an embodiment of self-improvement. The author uses the figure of an appearing unicorn to render her inner needs. The shiny creature, inextricably melted with the matter of the world, is the fulfillment of the dream of harmonious existence in the world where childhood dreams have mateialized.
  • 17.00 hrs / Galeria Piętro Wyżej CKK (Katowice Cultural Centre)
    Jerzy Moskal Award handing ceremony
  • 20.00 hrs / Cinema Kosmos Centrum Sztuki Filmowej (Cinematographic Arts Centre) 66 Sokolska Street 
    Screening of Sala samobójców (Suicide Room) and meeting with Dorota Roqueplo , the author of the costumes to the film  Jan Komasa's film has been awarded many prizes, inluding Eagle Film Award and Golden Duck Award. Dorota Roqueplo received Golden Lions at Polish Feature Films Festival in Gdynia for the costumes to the film.  

21th October

  • 13.00 hrs/ Archikatedra Chrystusa Króla (Archcathedral of Christ the King) in Katowice 49a Plebiscytowa Street. Installation 7 grzechów głównych (Seven Deadly Sins) by Agnieszka Jasińska  The author presents the theme using figures of people set in various situations. Each of the sins is located on a subsequent step of the stairs. Near every figure/person there is a line which begins at the top of the stairs and disappears into the light.  On the way up, it is held by a Caregiver - a personification of help which we can always obtain from God. Some characters decide to accept that help, others reject it, still others try to fight it.
  • 18.00 hrs / Cinema Kosmos Centrum Sztuki Filmowej Cinematographic Arts Centre) 66 Sokolska Street
    Schindler's List (scenography by Allan Starski and Ewa Braun) – screening of the film and meeting with Ewa Braun who was awarded an Oscar for the decorations for the film. The film directed by Steven Spielberg, awarded many prizes, brought Polish cinematography an Academy Award for the best scenography.