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Activity of the Polish Scenography Centre


The Polish Scenography Centre, Branch of the Silesian Museum is focused on the theatrical space in its various social, cultural and formal contexts. The Centre functions between theatre, film, architecture, the broadly defined fine arts and performances. Its aim is to preserve and promote scenographic achievements in the form of projects, photographs, models, costumes and audio and video materials.



 As the Museum, we attempt to preserve the scenographic heritage, still bearing in mind the contemporary productions in the context of the passage of time. We continually work on searching for new strategies and forms of presentation of the scenographic art. Our exhibitions are a synthesis of the art they refer to; their space itself being also a performance.



As the Centre, we participate in national and international art, research and educational projects, which go beyond the exhibition activity. We want our interest in the performance space to become a source of inspiration for others. Our offer is prepared with a wide audience in mind (both the experienced visitors and those who might appreciate a contact with the Centre in a few or several years, when it might prove to be an important element of their life decisions). We conduct our activity at home and abroad, within our exhibition spaces and everywhere else a theatre might happen...